2004 Ipswich Crown Court Commission

Jacqueline Poncelet was commissioned to create a work for the glazed façade of the Ipswich Crown Court building. This art work recalls stained glass windows as Jacqueline Poncelet has used blocks of colour and pattern across the windows. The intricate patterns allude to the order and structure of the law, and add visual interest to […]

1997Barely Made Norwich Gallery

‘Barely Made’ Norwich Gallery 5th March – 19th April 1997 Curated by Jacqueline Poncelet by invitation from Linda Morris Throughout our history the stuff around and about us has been our means of engagement with the world. It has provided us with food, tools, shelter and artifacts. At first it enabled us to survive and […]

2010 Balance Arts Two, Queen Mary University, London

‘Architects Wilkinson Eyre collaborated with the artist Jacqueline Poncelet to develop a graphic treatment for certain sections of the facade which uses a book motif to represent the acquisition and sharing of knowledge across the humanities. This is expressed in particular on the cladding to the projecting volume of the drama studio.’ – e-architect Project […]

2020-21now and then New Art Centre, Roche Court

‘A survey exhibition tracking the last thirty-five years of Poncelet’s practice, during which time she has alternated between various media, producing intensely private objects along with very open, large scale work.’ New Art Centre Listen in at Roche Court: Jacqueline Poncelet in conversation with David Ward You can view the e-catalogue for ‘Now and Then’ […]

2009Superabundant Turner Contemporary, Margate

Curated by Sarah Martin Superabundant created a sense of celebration, of joy and delight through the power of pattern. The exhibition featured work by nine artists who made use of pattern and decoration in very different ways, some adopting a systems approach to pattern whilst others were more fluid and organic. Artists included Jacob Dahlgren, […]