2004 Ipswich Crown Court Commission

Jacqueline Poncelet was commissioned to create a work for the glazed façade of the Ipswich Crown Court building. This art work recalls stained glass windows as Jacqueline Poncelet has used blocks of colour and pattern across the windows. The intricate patterns allude to the order and structure of the law, and add visual interest to the austere white interior by casting soft shadows across the space. The panels were cut and pierced incorporating a complex set of images including of people, mazes, words etc which work together visually.

Project profile
Commissioner: John Mowlem & Company PLC
Commissioning Agent: Commissions East
Architects: Austin-Smith:Lord

Photography Susanna Heron

Installation over view A cut rubber

Installation over view B cut rubber
Detail cut rubber panels in window of Crown Court Building
Detail cut rubber
Detail cut rubber panels
Set of cut rubber panels