1997Barely Made Norwich Gallery

‘Barely Made’
Norwich Gallery 5th March – 19th April 1997
Curated by Jacqueline Poncelet by invitation from Linda Morris

Throughout our history the stuff around and about us has been our means of engagement with the world. It has provided us with food, tools, shelter and artifacts. At first it enabled us to survive and then later, to enrich our lives. Using the versatility of materials to our advantage, we adapt them and their means of production. At first we just used our hands but, driven by need, the range of means of production has expanded over the years, through the whole spectrum of activities, culminating with the wholly machine made.

With hindsight, it’s interesting to observe how a time produces a way of working and in doing so creates a need that in turn produces another kind of work. Processes, whether physical or mental, are established and then assimilated, in that assimilation their potential is both broadened and narrowed simultaneously.

The objects that I have chosen require experience in the handling of materials, culminating in things where idea, method and materials are present in equal proportion. This matching of the 3 facets of an object come from a fundamental understanding of manipulation, that which gives stuff, meaning, a complex and inclusive process requiring an open mind. – Jacqueline Poncelet, Exhibition text.

Exhibitors and their works:
Phyllida Barlow – Object for dressing table
Stephanie Bergman – Set of shelves – Table and goblet
Richard Deacon – Pet
Barry Flanagan – Titles not known (2 ceramic sculptures)
Henk van der Giessen – Cardboard chair
Susanna Heron – 3 charcoal drawings
Laura Godfrey-Isaacs – Knitted Mountain, Dumb Animal, Dough World and Knitted Column
Sol LeWitt – Title not known (wall line drawing)
Issey Miyake – 2 dresses
Charlotte Perriand – Room divider storage unit
Gerald Summers – Plywood Lounge Chair
Richard Wentworth – Title not known (book with book makers)
Bill Woodrow – Bean Can with Spectacles, Camera and Lizard, The Glass Jar and Soupe Du Jour

Barely Made – street view

‘Barely Made’ invitation card
Installation shot – work by Phyllida Barlow and Issey Miyake
Installation shot – work by Richard Wentworth, Gerald Summers and Richard Deacon
Installation shot – showing work by Susanna Heron and Bill Woodrow
Installation shot of works by Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Susanna Heron, Charlotte Perriand, Henk van de Giessen
Installation shot of works by Stephanie Bergman and Bill Woodrow
Installation shot – work by Barry Flanagan and Bill Woodrow
Work by Laura Godfrey-Isaacs