1998-99A Stranger Here Myself Arnolfini, Camden Arts Centre, Christchurch Mansion

Curated by Camden Arts Centre, London, this exhibition with work by Jacqueline Poncelet and Laura Ford then toured to Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich and Arnolfini, Bristol. “These two artists are individually renowned for their innovative and challenging approach to materials and methods of making. The galleries will be ‘dressed’ using elements of photography, painting and sculpture […]

2019Three ViewsThe Marq, London, Public Art

This new development sits at the intersection of Duke Street and Jermyn Street, a part of London where the roads are narrow and where those not working tend to walk at a leisurely pace, window-shopping or peering into gallery windows. There’s an intimacy to these places; to Duke Street with its art galleries and Jermyn […]

2012Wrapper Public Art

Quote from AOTU ‘Wrapper’ leaflet. ‘In Wrapper, and throughout Poncelet’s artistic practice, patterns and colours play a key role as storytellers. She uses them in careful considered configurations and each has a very particular place and purpose in the overall composition. Through this visual choreography, the aims to generate illusionary spaces or simply to modulate […]