2019it’s not all rock and roll Browns Café, Cleethorpes, North Promenade

Quotations from the Artist’s Brief:

‘The shutter project is inviting artists to design treatments for specific shutters along the promenade, to create a huge outdoor gallery.’

‘The North Promenade is a very important destination and arrival point in the town. It defines an edge, between the Humber Estuary shaped by the forces of nature, and the urban environment of Cleethorpes, created through human activity over hundreds of years. The approach to improving the north Promenade will mark this maritime frontier, celebrating it as a public place- a stage and linear viewing platform from which to enjoy the grand panorama of sea and sky. It recognises the promenade as a distinct and special place dedicated to leisure, walking, and procession for the good of mind and body, not forgetting the entertainment and attention of others.’

Client: North Lincolnshire Council
Private Client: Charles Crawford – Browns Cafe
Art Agents: Hazel Colquhoun and Andrew Knight
Architectural assistance: Mark Hodson Architects
Production Assistant: Lily Forbes
Manufacturer: Shutter Media Ltd.

The four shutters of Browns Café

The shutters of Browns Café
Servery Shutter
Café shutter
Lollipop pattern for entrance door
Helter-Skelter pattern of main entrance door
Flying chairs