2012Wrapper Public Art

‘Wrapper’ A J Wells the manufacture of the enamel panels
AOTU Edgware Road Tube Station, first stage install
‘Wrapper’ AOTU sample pattern
‘Wrapper’ detail Edgware Road Tube Station. AOTU
‘Wrapper’ Edgware Road Tube Station AOTU working drawing
‘Wrapper’ Edgware Road Tube Station. AOTU view from Chapel Street Photographer Peter White
‘Wrapper’ Edgware Road Tube Station. AOTU view from the Marylebone Road photographer J Poncelet
‘Wrapper’ Edware Road Tube Sation AOTU installation
AOTU_jponcelet_Wrapper_leaflet. pg1
AOTU_jponcelet – Wrapper-leaflet. pg 2

Quote from AOTU ‘Wrapper’ leaflet.
‘In Wrapper, and throughout Poncelet’s artistic practice, patterns and colours play a key role as storytellers. She uses them in careful considered configurations and each has a very particular place and purpose in the overall composition. Through this visual choreography, the aims to generate illusionary spaces or simply to modulate stillness and movement. “A pattern not only speaks of other places, but of changes in our culture and the passage of time” says Poncelet. With the patterns devised for Wrapper, she has replicated how we choose what we see in a complex and busy environment. By condensing her experience of the area and her understanding of the site through these motifs, she highlights the pleasures large and small that a place can awaken in us.’